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    Traveling Through Central and Eastern Europe

    Europe has always been a strikingly important travel and tourism destination for people from the English-speaking world. From young Englishmen heading out on a “grand tour” of “the Continent” two hundred years ago to Americans photographing themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower in flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts today, this part of the world has always had a unique, and powerful draw.

    In the past however, that draw was unfortunately mostly limited to Western Europe, to the standard tourist-thronged circuit of Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, Barcelona, and a number of other well-known cities located in the western half of what is now the EU.

    Yet over the past few decades, that trend has been changing as visitors from around the globe begin to gain a greater appreciation for the wonders of cities in Central and Eastern Europe. While these places have only recently begun to experience the huge levels of tourism seen elsewhere in the continent, towns like Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, and others are every bit as enchanting, in their own way, as their western cousins, while at the same time being far less expensive.

    So, whether you’re coming from London or Los Angeles, from Canada or Canberra, here are a just a few of the places in Central and Eastern Europe that you should definitely take time to experience.



    Perhaps the most traditionally visited city on this list, Vienna is nevertheless a must-see if you are beginning to make your way through Central and Eastern Europe.

    This stately, beautiful city, once the co-capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, today retains much of its imperial grandeur. From the wide, tree-lined boulevards near the city’s famed Opera House to the seemingly supernatural beauty of the gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, from the giant Ferris wheel overlooking the Danube to the jaw-dropping gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna is true capital with a lot to offer.



    Despite the fact that it is actually located north-west of Vienna, Prague is often mentioned as an Eastern European city, with all of the stigmas that this used to bring with it. But while the Czech capital was once behind the Iron Curtain, today it is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the region.

    The first thing that one notices about Prague is just how incredibly beautiful and charming it is. An old medieval town divided by a small river, the heart of Prague looks like something out of a fairy-tale, complete with a castle atop a hill, a statue-lined bridge, and an elaborate clock-tower on the main square.

    When you begin to walk around Prague, however, you realize that there is much more here than just beauty: from delicious foods to unbelievable nightclubs to some of the best beer you will ever drink, you can find all this and more in one of Central and Eastern Europe’s best cities.



    Increasingly one of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prominent tourist destinations, Budapest is in many ways the most varied (and exciting) city in the region. Combining the imperial grandeur of Vienna with the scenic views and incredible nightlife of Prague, Budapest is certainly unique.

    This is city is home to incredible monuments, such as the Hungarian Parliament (one of the biggest, and most impressive, in the world), the Dohány Street Synagogue (the 2nd largest in the world), colossal bridges, palaces, parks, and so much more.

    Budapest also plays host to one of Europe’s (and perhaps the world’s) best music festivals, Sziget, whose past headliners have included many of contemporary music’s biggest names, including Rihanna, Prince, Wiz Khalifa, Sum 41, Robbie Williams, and many more. It is also where you can find the unique phenomenon of ruin pubs, the incredible, surreal bars located in once-abandoned courtyards and blockhouses throughout the city’s party district.


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