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    Budapest: A Perfect Destination for Seniors and Retirees!

    Budapest: A Perfect Destination for Seniors and Retirees!


    Budapest is known worldwide as a vibrant, exciting city, one of the party capitals of Europe. This does not mean, however, that Hungary’s capital is exclusively a tourist destination for young people. In fact, Budapest is an incredible place for seniors and retirees to visit.

    There many important factors that make Budapest, as well as Hungary as a whole, a perfect destination for seniors and retirees looking for a vacation that is simultaneously stimulating, relaxing, and exciting as well. While there is hardly space to go into all of the ways in which Budapest is a great city for tourists of all ages, here are a few of the reasons why, if you’re a retiree looking for a great place to vacation, this is the city for you.


    A Tourist-Friendly City

    An important thing to keep in mind about Budapest is that it is, first and foremost, a safe, tourist-friendly city. Forget any negative stereotypes about Eastern Europe: Hungary’s capital is an extremely safe, beautiful, modern town, with English-language amenities available at every turn. Tour-guiding agencies throughout the city offer friendly walking, boat, and bus tours of Budapest which are led by knowledgeable guides who speak English fluently.

    On top of all this, if you decide that you want to leave tours behind and explore the city independently, Budapest offers free public transportation for everyone aged 65 and up. All you have to do is show your passport or other form of identification, and the entire metropolitan area’s extensive network of buses, trams, subways, trains, and boats will be at your disposal, free of charge. That last mode of transportation is perhaps worth emphasizing: as a senior, you can essentially cruise up and down the Danube to your heart’s content without having to pay a penny.

    All of this, then, means that Budapest is a world city that is extremely easy, and pleasant, to visit.


    Incredible Views, World-Class Dental Care

    Known as the ‘Pearl of the Danube,’ Budapest is known for its incredible views and world-class architecture. The city’s buildings, from the neo-gothic Parliament to the monumental bridges to the stately dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica, will truly take your breath away. Sitting on the banks of the Danube, surrounded on all sides by gorgeous buildings and amazing views, you will wonder what took you so long to make it to Budapest in the first place.

    In addition to being essentially a living museum of the last few centuries of architectural history, though, this extremely walkable city is also home to top-notch dental clinics that offer world-class dental care at a fraction of what they might pay in other countries. The city’s dental clinics are staffed by coordinators who are fluent in English, French and German, and in addition many of the dentists themselves speak English as well. These clinics employ the latest in dental technology, together with high-quality implants and instruments from internationally-known manufacturers, in order to provide a health-care experience that is second to none.


    Due to the low prices and high-quality of care, Hungary as a whole has become an important destination for such dental tourism, and the dental clinics of Budapest have become especially popular hotspots for procedures ranging from oral surgeries to implants to bone grafting. There are many such clinics in Hungary’s capital; a few great dental centers worth mentioning are Kreativ Dental, MDental Clinic Hungary, and Access Smile Dental Clinic.

    When looking for a place to stay in Budapest, it is only logical to try to find accommodations close enough to the city center to be able to truly experience all that the city has to offer. In addition, following days of sightseeing, relaxation, and incredible gastronomic experiences, it would only make sense to look for lodgings that provide luxury and comfort; in terms of location, amenities, and favorable off-season rates, Fraser Residence Budapest is a perfect choice.

    Located in the heart of Pest, Fraser Residence features 50 luxury serviced apartments ranging in size from studios to penthouses.  The Hungarian capital’s robust public transportation system means that, from Fraser Residence’s location at the Corvin Quarter, you can make your way to iconic landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Basilica, Gellert Hill, the Central Market Hall, or the Parliament Building in next to no time at all.

    In addition, Fraser Residence’s central location means that every single one of the Hungarian capitals’ most interesting and significant cafes and coffee houses are but a short walk, metro, bus, tram, or taxi ride away. It also means that, rather than staying in a hotel located so far away from Budapest’s downtown that the trek home from a day of sightseeing, guided tours, or relaxing at the thermal baths will seem like a daunting task, booking at Fraser Residence gives you the opportunity to experience all of the incredible things that Budapest has to offer without having to worry about spending hours getting back to your bed. And not to worry; at Fraser, that bed will be a comfortable one, no matter what time of day or night you fall into it.

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    Baths, Spas, and So Much More

    In addition to its many architectural, gastronomic, and visual wonders, one of its most interesting and unique features of Budapest is undoubtedly its culture of thermal baths.

    Believed to have been introduced by the Turks following their conquest of Hungary in the 1500s, thermal baths have become a deeply ingrained part of Hungarian culture over the past half millennia. While many swear by the medicinal powers of the spring water found at the country’s many such spas, others simply go to soak, socialize, and enjoy swimming, saunas, and hot baths in a relaxing, refined setting.

    Where To Stay Budapest?

    While Hungary as a whole has a great number of such baths worth checking out, a few of the most interesting in Budapest include the famous Széchenyi baths, the art nouveau Gellért Baths, and the elegant Rudas Baths.