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    An Exciting Autumn in Budapest!

    Although it may not be quite as popular as it is in summer, in many ways Autumn is truly the perfect time of the year in Budapest. The blazing heat of July and August transitions into a refreshing breeze. And the leaves slowly begin to take on an increasingly dazzling array of hues. All in all, a Budapest Autumn is undoubtedly one of life’s more pleasant experiences.

    But, you might well ask, what is there to do in the Hungarian capital once the summer festival season has ended? Unsurprisingly, there is quite a lot. In fact, there are so many events to choose from in September, October, and November. A list such as this one cannot begin to provide a comprehensive overview. One thing, however, is certain: Budapest in Autumn has something for everyone.

    Without further ado, here are some of the best things to do in Budapest this Autumn.

    Budapest Autumn

    A Marathon!

    This Autumn, Budapest plays host to a major running event through the beautiful streets of the Hungarian capital. This, of course, is none other than the Spar Budapest Marathon. This race, Hungary’s most popular recreational sporting event, saw 33,500 runners participate last year. And if you’re interested in running during this fine Budapest Autumn, but are worried that a full marathon might be too much for you, the organizers have you covered. This year, runners can choose between the full marathon, a team marathon relay, and four shorter runs ranging from 5 to 30 kilometers.

    things to do in Budapest in September

    Runners making their way along the Danube for a marathon, just one of the many things to do in Budapest in September!

    Whether you’re looking to run your first race in a new country, or simply interested in checking out a huge sporting event in action, the Budapest Marathon is certainly worth a look.

    Budapest Design Week

    For an experience showcasing the role that art plays in our everyday lives, Budapest Design Week is hard to beat. From October 4th to the 13th, this unique event plays host to talks, exhibitions, children’s programming, and concerts.  What's more, all of these are meant to show visitors all that Hungary’s best designers have to offer. From interior design to graphic design, from fashion to interactive artistic there are events for young and young at heart. Budapest Design Week opens up a side of the Hungarian capital, and of Hungarian culture, that most tourists never experience. With 150 programs to choose from, there’s something here for virtually everyone.


    Music, Film,  Scientific Conference and Cultural Festivals!

    If you’re looking for things to do in Budapest in Autumn, you can rest assured that there’s plenty to see and do on the cultural front as well. For starters, there are other culinary festivals both big and small. A notable mention would be Budapest’s Oktoberfest, the best thing to do in Budapest in October. It is an incredibly fun chance to try great beer and immerse yourself in some great programs. This year’s festival will be held from October 1st-4th in the scenic city park. In addition to showcasing both Hungarian and international craft breweries, Budapest Oktoberfest also features a lineup of great Hungarian rock bands. In other words, this year’s Oktoberfest is the perfect time to get acquainted with delicious beer and truly unique music at the very same time!

    Budapest October events

    Things to do in Budapest in October: visit the Oktoberfest

    And while summer might be the peak season for music festivals, in Budapest, Autumn is also a perfect time to hear truly great music. Of all the concerts and shows held in September, perhaps the most exciting is the Telekom Electronic Festival. This is truly wild, exciting event, always one of the highlights of the season, is taking place from the 19th to the 21st in the heart of Pestb at the Akvárium Club.

    best things to do in Budapest in October

    Revelers at an earlier edition of the Telekom Electronic Beats Festival, which comes to Budapest this September!

    Dental World – International Dental Conference and Trade Show <h3>

    This Autumn Budapest has something interesting for the lovers of science also. Especially for those, who are interested in dental care. The Dental World Exhibition takes place from the 10th to the 12nd of October. It consists mostly of workshops and conferences but if you want to watch a whole dental surgery close up, here is an excellent opportunity!

    As if all of this weren’t enough, the long list of Budapest events also includes several film festivals, art exhibition openings, and gastronomic experiences. Clearly, there’s something here for everyone this Autumn!


    While exploring Budapest this Autumn, you’ll want a comfortable, conveniently located place to spend your evenings. And while choosing from among the many events and programs taking place in the city may be difficult, choosing lodgings shouldn’t be. In fact, with its great location, comfortable rooms, and luxurious accommodations, Fraser Residence is the perfect choice.

    Situated in the Corvin Quarter of the city’s Pest side, Fraser Residence can serve as the ideal base from which to strike out and experience all that the Hungarian Capital has to offer. Whether heading up to the Palace District for the Wine Festival, or to check out sights ranging from Parliament to Heroes’ Square, you can’t do better than Fraser Residence.


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